DOTP is preferred as the main plasticizer for general use. It shows high compatibility with PVC and has very good processing properties. It can be easily used instead of ortho-phthalates and can take its place in the process. DOTP is preferred where high tensile strength and easy processing are required. It can be used as the main plasticizer in many PVC applications due to its low volatility and migration values. D.O.T.P. Our product is mainly used in Cable Industry, Artificial Leather Industry, PVC flooring production, Shoe Sole production, plastic ball production, PVC door-window wick production by PVC granule production.

Physical State------Liquid
Density (20 °C)g/cm3ASTM D 10450.980-0.986
ColourPt-CoASTM D 1209Max.30
Acid IndexMg KOH/gASTM D 1045Maks.0,10
Refractive Index (20 °C)----ASTM D 10451.4830 - 1.4890
Viscosity (20 °C)cPASTM D 104585 - 95
Flash Point (Open cup)°CASTM D 1310Min.210
Water Concentration%ASTM D 1364-02Maks.0,05
Boiling Point°C---400 °C
Freezing Point°C----48 °C
Molecular Weightg/Mol---390,56
Solubility in Water (20 °C)%---Water Insoluble


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