D.O.P - PVC Plastifiyan

DOP is widely used in calendering, lifting coating, cloth plasticizing, extrusion and molding processes of PVC. It is recommended in the production of thin films from cellulose acetate-butyrate, ethyl cellulose, natural and synthetic rubber, coating of textile products, packaging materials, adhesives, protective and hot coatings. is done.
FeaturesUnitMethodSpecification Value
Ester Amount%GLC>99,5
D.O.P Ratio%EN-14372:2004>99,5
Physical State------Liquid
Density (20 °C)g/cm3ASTM D 10450.980-0.984
ColourHazenASTM D 10451.4830-1.4890
Acid İndexMg KOH/gASTM D 1045Maks.0,07
Refractive Index(20 °C)----ASTM D 10451.4825 - 1.4865
Viscosity (20 °C)cPASTM D 104576-84
Flash Point (Open cup)°CASTM D 1310Min.205
Water Concentration%ASTM D 1364-02Maks.0,05
Boiling Point°C / hPa---230 °C / 7
Freezing Point°C----45 °C
Molecular Weightg/Mol---390,56
Solubility in Water (20 °C)%--->0,00005 g/l


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