Plastay from Past to Present…

PLASTAY KIMYA, the leading brand of the chemical industry, which is one of the strategic sectors for our country, was established in 1989 by Mehmet İsmet SUNGUR in Pendik Kurtköy to produce plasticizers.

Plastay KIMYA, which sprouted up as a family company, today is among the 2nd generation members of the family, managed under the chairmanship of the board of directors of Mustafa Sinan SUNGUR, with its modern facilities established on an area of ​​15,000 m2 in Gebze Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone, with an annual production of around 60 thousand tons. It is one of the leading companies in Turkey and the world in the production and sales of Plasticizers, PVC Granules and PVC Stabilizers, which are important building blocks of the PVC industry with its capacity.

We export more than 50% of the products we produce in the field of PVC Granule (pvc compound) and PVC Stabilizer, with modern PVC Plasticizer applications such as SUNFLEKS(DOTP), DOA, DOP, DINP, MEDX, MED-X.

Plastay KIMYA supports its customers with innovative solutions, reasonable prices and special product and service solutions in the field of plasticizer, PVC Granule and PVC Stabilizer.

As Plastay Group, it exports to more than 30 countries and provides input to our country's economy with Plastay Kimya (Plasticifier production), Askim Stabilizer (Pvc Stabilizer production) and Tayplas Kimya (Pvc Granule production).

Plastay KIMYA carries out its production in accordance with the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation put into effect by the European Parliament since 2007.

Plastay Kimya, which has adopted the understanding of quality service as its principle since its establishment, is among the domestic and national industry initiatives of our country with its investments in R&D and P&D activities, by closely following the innovation processes, by using all the possibilities of technology, and by its sensitivity to the environment and human health. has achieved great success.

These achievements of Plastay Kimya, which broke export records in the organic chemicals sector, were appreciated and awarded numerous awards.

Plastay Chemistry Chairman of the Board of Directors "Mustafa Sinan SUNGUR" was selected as "The Most Successful Businessman of 2020" and received the Best of the Year award performed by West Side TV in 2020. Plastay KİMYA, which is among the export champions of our country, won the 2nd prize in the organic chemicals category at the award ceremony organized by İKMİB in 2020.


Adopting the understanding of total quality management, Plastay KIMYA, attaching importance to quality management, which is one of the requirements of the competitive market, started the "ISO-9002 Quality Assurance Certificate" studies on April/1997 and on 15/05/1998, our company received approval from NQA Company, the second largest organization in the world. Later on, it was entitled to receive the ISO-9001-2000 Quality Assurance Certificate in March/2003. Our basic philosophy is to establish, implement and maintain an effective quality system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Adopting the principle of "QUALITY PRODUCT, QUALITY SERVICE" as a principle, PLASTAY KIMYA is always with you for your quality assurance, technical support and service needs with its young and dynamic team, who are experts in the technical field, with solutions that meet the expectations of you, our valued customers.

Acting with an understanding that values ​​people and nature, Plastay KİMYA's priorities include;

Fulfillment of products and services in accordance with the sensitivity we show towards Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment.
Supporting our employees with trainings so that they can improve their knowledge and skills.
Taking steps in accordance with international norms against Occupational Health and Safety and nature.
It is our duty to fulfill all our responsibilities in order to leave a livable, unpolluted world to future generations.


As Plastay KİMYA, we take all the necessary steps for our country to reach its 2023 export target by turning the crisis in the world economy, which has contracted with the Covid-19 Pandemic, into an opportunity for our country, increasing the production volume with new investments, improving the market volume, offering better and higher quality services and products, and getting ahead of the competition with foreign companies. is to throw.

Why Should You Prefer Plastay?

  • We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Plasticizers, PVC Granules and Stabilizers for more than 30 years.
  • We always see the perspective shaped according to the highest quality product and superior service understanding as our priority.
  • The great sensitivity we show to the environment and human health.
  • To maintain the product and service quality at the highest level by showing the same interest and value to all the companies, customers and stakeholders we work with.
  • We are a company that is always ready to help you with your technical support and consultancy needs.

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