D.O.A - PVC Plastifiyan
FeaturesUnitMethodSpecification Value
Doa Concentration%GC (Home Method)>99,5
Physical State------Sıvı
Density (20 °C)g/cm3ASTM D 10450.924-0.928
ColourHazenASTM D 1045Maks.30
Acid İndexMg KOH/gASTM D 1045Maks.0,07
Refractive Index(20 °C)----ASTM D 10451.4440 - 1.4480
Viscosity (20 °C)cPASTM D 104512-20
Flash Point (Open cup)°CASTM D 1310Min.200
Water Concentration%ASTM D 1364-02Maks.0,10
Boiling Point°C / hPa---215 °C
Freezing Point°C----76 °C
Molecular Weightg/Mol---370,58
Solubility in Water (20 °C)g/l--->0,1


DOA is a high quality plasticizer with low volatility and excellent mechanical resistance at high temperatures, as well as great flexibility in low temperature compounds. It is easy to mix, allows good processing and provides a good flow to the material, especially PVC and synthetic rubber compounds. It is compatible with most polyvinyl chloride (PVC) formulations, synthetic polymers and copolymers, cellulosic esters, medium and high technical performance polar elastomers such as NBR, CR, CSM, CPE, Epichlorohydrins and Polyacrylics, mainly due to compatibility as these elastomers are very sensitive to the chemical composition of plasticizers and many other resins. AREAS OF USE It is used alone or in combination with other plasticizers as a softener in all PVC paste and dough mixtures. It is used in the production of phthalate-free materials such as toys, tablecloths, skin cloths, hoses, cables, PVC mats, artificial leather, tarpaulins. Thanks to its high efficiency and stability, low volatility, resistance to heat and ultraviolet light and low solubility in water, it is used in almost all conversion processes such as calendering, flattening, injection extrusion, rotational molding.


- It is a phthalate-free plasticizer.

- It makes the product flexible and resistant to breakage at low temperature values.

- When used alone or with different plasticizers, it increases the fluidity of polymers such as plastisol by providing low viscosity.

- Its low density provides a volumetric advantage.

- Strengthens electrical resistance.

- It does not disrupt the chemical structure of the polymer. Provides the desired physical and mechanical properties.

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