D.O.A - PVC Plastifiyan

It can be used instead of and together with other plasticizers in all PVC formulations and it is possible to obtain pastes with lower viscosity due to its low dissolving feature when compared with others. It is ideal for vinyl cables, plastic upholstery, good quality elastic hose and transparent film. provides an elasticity, less stickiness, better surface appearance and prevents brittleness in cold.
FeaturesUnitMethodSpecification Value
Doa Concentration%GC (Home Method)>99,5
Physical State------Sıvı
Density (20 °C)g/cm3ASTM D 10450.924-0.928
ColourHazenASTM D 1045Maks.30
Acid İndexMg KOH/gASTM D 1045Maks.0,07
Refractive Index(20 °C)----ASTM D 10451.4440 - 1.4480
Viscosity (20 °C)cPASTM D 104512-20
Flash Point (Open cup)°CASTM D 1310Min.200
Water Concentration%ASTM D 1364-02Maks.0,10
Boiling Point°C / hPa---215 °C
Freezing Point°C----76 °C
Molecular Weightg/Mol---370,58
Solubility in Water (20 °C)g/l--->0,1

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