Plastay is committed to continuously improving its Energy Management System and Energy Performance by using energy effectively in all production stages.
In order to realize this commitment, the following issues have been committed in accordance with the energy use, consumption structure and scale.

  • Availability of information and necessary resources will be ensured to achieve energy goals and targets.
  • All applicable legal regulations and other conditions regarding energy use, efficiency and consumption will be followed and necessary actions will be taken quickly.
  • In order to raise awareness of efficiency in our employees, necessary training and information will be provided, loss and leakage will be reduced, and energy efficiency will be ensured.
  • Necessary support will be provided for purchasing energy efficient products and services that may affect energy performance.
  • Implementation of in-plant equipment, system and process designs regarding energy use, efficiency and consumption in a way that will increase energy performance will be supported.
  • In order to ensure the continuity of the created system, the Energy Policy will be recorded and constantly reviewed and updated when necessary.