DINP is a cost-effective, high molecular weight plasticizer suitable for general use. Its high compatibility with PVC and good permanence make it preferable to DOP. Compared to DOP, DINP has wider cold-temperature flexibility values, lower volatility and better durability in the final product. It is used as a softener in all PVCs. It is a product frequently used in automotive, cable, artificial leather, PVC floor coverings, skin cloth and calendering systems.


- The low migration rate prolongs the service life of the plastic material.

- It is more advantageous than DOP due to its ability to obtain paste at low viscosity.

- It provides benefits in terms of volume due to its low density values.

- There is no restriction on its use in the Reach regulation.

- Does not cause chemical changes in the polymer. It provides the desired changes physically and mechanically.

- Ensures that the product is produced with the requested elasticity.

- Increases electrical resistance.  


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