Plastay Chermistry holds continuous trainings and makes wide-range regulations of talking all measures in order to create a safe working environment minding the safety and health of its employees as the core value. Plastay constantly strives towards the resumption of its activities in line with the policy of zero accidents by recognizing the occupational safety, health and enviromental protection issues as an integral part of all businees activities.
Plastay also shows same sensitivity of occupational health and safety to the protection of environment. The recyling and treatment facility, built in 2012, has provided both waste disposal and benefiting from wastes

  • To meet the welfare, health and safety needs of employees at hishest possible level Plastay is committed...
  • To establish, maintain and constantly improve the occupational health and safety  and environmental management system,
  • To maxsimize our performance on occupational health and safety and enviroment,
  • To hold trainings with all employees to increase our knowledge, experience and skills about occupational health and safety and environment, to ensure prevention of pollution by minizing our impacts to environment
  • To prevent the occupational health and safety-related accidents,occupational diseases and damages from occurring.
  • To comply with the relevant national legislation about occupational health, safety and environmental management.
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